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Leica ADS80 Airborne Digital Sensor

Subpixel Accuracy from Blue to Infrared
The Leica ADS80 airborne digital sensor is superior to any other large-format digital airborne imaging technology available today. Now in its third generation, Leica Geosystems state-of-the-art line sensor technology not only sets the standards, but keeps on raising the bar.
Delivering on what you need – best results
Whether you rely entirely on digital technology or you are just getting started, with two available configurations, Sensor Heads SH91 and SH92, the Leica ADS80 support the widest range of geospatial applications from orthophoto to 3D feature mapping. Take advantage of the tight integration of the sensor head, embedded IMU and the all new Control Unit CU80 and get what you need in data acquisition.

Performance Indicators:

  • Standard data acquisition of perfectly co-registered, equal resolution imagery in panchromatic, color and color-infrared delivers more information and highest image quality (12000 pixel swath)
  • Additional HiRes mode for orthophoto production offers increased flexibility and even more cost savings using swath width of 24000 pixels
  • Increased cycle time allows even smaller GSD´s (<5 cm) at faster flying speeds
  • Direct georeferencing with embedded Leica IPAS Freebird reduces the need for sidelap, ground control points and shortens production time significantly
  • Flash memory MM80 for data storage ensures higher reliability and reduced payload
  • Increased data throughput allows simultaneous data acquisition for photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • New data compression guarantees even higher image quality in all bands
  • No need for pan-sharpening, no "virtual images"
  • Rapid Orthophoto Processing with Leica XPro is fastest on the market
  • Leica XPro SGM module facilitates highly accurate DSM extraction from ADS imagery

When combined with the new Leica XPro ground processing software, the Leica ADS80 becomes the most complete and productive large-format sensor solution available. It delivers increased flexibility, higher productivity and lower cost throughout your entire workflow.

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