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Leica Geosystems is the world´s leading airborne sensor manufacturer for photogrammetric and mapping applications. Cameras for airborne surveying have been manufactured in Switzerland since the 1920s under the Wild and later the Leica Geosystems brand. Today, Leica Geosystems combines almost 100 years of expertise in manufacturing reliable and state-of-the-art airborne surveying equipment. From the C2 of the early days to the RC30 of the 90s, innovation and engineering skill have continously set new standards. And almost a 100 years later, the new generation of digital airborne imaging and Lidar sensors combined with productivity-enhancing software and fully integrated peripherals continues to create "best-in-class" airborne solutions for a wide variety of applications in photogrammetry and remote sensing.



9 September 2015
Carl Pulfrich Award 2015 goes to Dr. Christoph Strecha for ...  more
11 June 2015
New Leica DMC III becomes industry’s most efficient aerial frame ...  more

Latest Products

Leica DMC III Airborne Mapping Solution Leica DMC III Airborne Mapping Solution
The new Leica DMC III airborne mapping solution is breaking new ground by combining the world’s largest single frame camera with the most ...
Leica ALS80 Airborne Laser Scanner Leica ALS80 Airborne Laser Scanner
Imagine an affordable city-mapping LIDAR system with an industry-leading 1.0 MHz pulse rate, capable of meeting your specialized needs now, ...
Leica Pegasus:Two Leica Pegasus:Two
Leica Geosystems is setting a new standard in the industry: We offer the first complete mobile mapping solution from a single provider, ...
Leica PAV100 Leica PAV100
The Leica PAV100 Gyro-stabilized Sensor Mount provides angular motion compensation, perfect vertical photography and automatic drift ...
Leica FlightPro Leica FlightPro
Leica FlightPro – Flight Management and Control System for Airborne Sensors.
Leica ADS100 Airborne Digital Sensor Leica ADS100 Airborne Digital Sensor
The new Leica ADS100 – Leading airborne evolution.
Leica RCD30 Oblique Leica RCD30 Oblique
The new Leica RCD30 Oblique camera system is specifically designed for high accuracy 3D urban mapping and 3D corridor mapping applications. ...
Leica MissionPro Leica MissionPro
Leica MissionPro delivers state of the art true 3D mission planning across the globe